What is the DIY-Gest?

Welcome to LA’s DIY home base. Here we’ll host a directory of DIY space contact info, events & a message board. We’ll share emails from bands looking for accessible venues, so they have a better shot of finding a place to play. HM157 only hosts 2-3 events per month & I am often asked to list other venue options. We can also potentially avoid booking similar events on the same date .. & co-promote each other for collective survival. We’re better together!

pehrspace: website | facebook 

The Smell: website | facebook |

Non Plus Ultra: website | facebook

The Church of Fun: facebook 

dA Center for the Arts: website | facebook

Basic Flowers: facebook 

NOMAD Los Angeles – Print Studio: website | facebook

Art Compound: website | facebook

Think Tank Gallery: website | facebook

The Command Center: website