How Booking Works at HM157***

HM157 is the Homiest Venue in Los Angeles.. It’s a funky olde Victorian mansion built in 1886… it’s also home to a small number of resident artists & musicians … some of which make up the staff at our events… We are not a regular venue, club or a bar that is open to the public daily.. we have to be inspired to open up our home to host an event.

We prefer to book self contained events with curators that have a promoter on board, rather than building an event around an individual band.

We are very happy to host certain types of private events that don’t require HM157 to help with promotion . We are open renting HM157 out as a film or music video shoot location.

To be quite candid .. hosting events at HM157 is a large size challenge for a number of reasons … since we have a large property.. we have a lot of nooks n’ crannies to prepare & put back together when the show is over… we wake up to 100’s of cigarette butts littered about, heaps of dirty glassware & horrific bathrooms in the morning.. ha ha… that gets old.. so underline the part about having to be really inspired by event inquires… We are surrounded by wonderful neighbors who have children & work in the morning.. HM157 management are not 20-30 year olds that love throwing parties for the sake of throwing parties… we are middle aged, have children & outside jobs as well + We have to spend a lot of time working on the olde place itself… This being said.. we make an effort to take every other weekend off to give ourselves & our neighbors a break… All of these factors limit the number of events we can host… roughly two or three per month…

At this point our biggest struggle is event attendance & being able to afford hosting events… ( Yes we need grants ) we want to give newer bands & people who have trouble securing shows a chance .. we have served the LA DIY cultural arts scene as a very accessible venue for 10  years now.. but it takes so much time & energy.. & we loose money so often that we have to be VERY, VERY CHOOSY these days.. so we are inclined to book events that we feel good about.. we love hosting events that benefit the Lincoln Heights community, charity benefits, education oriented workshops such as skill building, health & wellness, artistic expression, mental health, self determination & empowerment..

We respond to unusual avant garde-artistic talents that we would personally enjoy & would bring a good turnout. We prefer hosting variety shows & embrace varied cultural art forms as apposed to the average all band nights … there are lots of venues hosting all band nights in East LA.. Variety is the spice of life !

Do we sound disgruntled ? ha ha.. we’re not.. just a little road weary… we want to explain what we are looking for as far as the types of things we are interested in booking at this stage .

I Charon Nogues am the Head Coach/ Booking Agent that attends to all the HM157 interfaces… I do my very best to write everyone back on many interfaces.. we sincerely appreciate your consideration of HM157.. but due to the severe shortage of bookable venues.. at this point we receive 30 + inquiries per week & it’s nearly impossibly to keep up… I will keep trying to respond swiftly*

If you would like to host your charity fundraiser or private at HM157… or feel that your act, event, class falls into our narrow scope.. please email Charon @