Charon Nogues

Original Founder of HM157


Charon Nogues is the ass-kicker that started this place along with her lazy ex Reid. Charon is the venue’s key booker, putting on countless events from psychedelic, punk rock, and folk concerts to community squaredances, vegan dinners, and permaculture workshops. When she’s not toiling away at her laptop setting up these events, Charon is often in the front yard gardening her ass off or in the house or back yard endlessly cleaning up other people’s messes. During shows, Charon can be found behind the bar serving up cocktails¬†with an infectious smile that belies her true inner suffering. Since all this hard work at HM157 barely puts a penny in her pocket, Charon works a couple days a week at Los Feliz vintage boutique Relay and, when time and opportunity permit, she freelances as a stylist creating and curating wardrobe for video and photo shoots such as “Gold Lame” by LaMuff.

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