The Church of Fashion

“The Church of Fashion” is not a place of worship..
but rather a “Head Space”..
This is an invitation to demonstrate your wish for true equality around the world & to stop the destruction of Mother Earth.. The world is officially in crisis mode.. therefore we all have to wake up & take personal responsibility with our actions & investments.


Fashion is a powerful language.. it is Symbolism is motion.. Now more then ever.. we are billboards for what we support, project & promote. This is a very complex subject ..
Cultural Arts Center HM157 attracts mesmerizing talents  .. we present them on our stage & they make up our audience… our space is built as a comfortable setting to get inspired & connect with like minded individuals.. We would hope that our influential musicians, artists, writers, film makers, dancers, designers, teachers, models, movers & shakers of all persuasion would step up & lead the charge to re-ignite the social-political spirit of the 60’s & 70’s… we see a lot of “hipsters” wearing the clothes that used to signify a social-political consciousness .. but they do nothing but serve themselves .


A remarkable Tswana proverb states that ‘He who buries the tree will next bury the wild animal and after that bury his own ox, and ultimately bury his own children.’  This saying indicates that people were aware, even in ancient times, of the interdependence of all living creatures upon this Earth, and that if you harm one, you harm others, and in the end yourself. A lesson we would do well to heed today.
We all have the power to influence big corporations, who in turn run our government… we must recognize that we feed the corporations with our finances, giving them the power to impact all of our daily lives & control our future as a global civilization .
Thru personal choice.. starting with the poorest of the poor.. WE CAN improve the lives & environment of the people who manufacture our clothing & other consumer products in third world countries. We must acknowledge that these cheap products are hazardous from start to finish + desist from creating, purchasing or using any toxic chemicals or products sold by non-sustainable businesses that harm Mother Nature & all that share this world .
You can do this by refusing to buy any products made by companies that pay slave wages, use & abuse our collective worldly resources & in turn poison us for profit .
The information is out there.. there are many distractions that keep us from doing the right thing..
Here is actor Woody Harrelson giving some great advice :
We offer the opportunity to take part in a “free sharing local economy” .
Here is a local example of a “Free sharing economy” .. not to be confused with a “Sharing economy” like “Uber..
It’s time to make Fair Trade, safe working conditions & sustainable-non toxic production practices the norm..  Yes we will have to pay more for our “Clean Clothes” & fair trade consumer products, but these products will last a lot longer & they won’t leach toxic chemicals into your skin & environment.
These are specific ideas relating to consumerism & resource conservation.. We must fight for Equality & Human Rights in the US as well.. Crisis mode includes #blacklivesmatter .. We are at war in the Middle East.. We have a huge Homeless population… The Church of Fashion is about conscious ACTION.. We must create healthy opportunities & clean up our own toxic backyards as well.. everything is related.


If you expose & examine a cross section of the fashion industry as you would an ant farm.. You would be shocked by much of the process .. Child slavery & dangerous working conditions are quite common, the creation of toxic synthetic fibers & fabric dying processes reap havoc on our garment producers environment, making it hazardous to all inhabitants health.. Esp to the unborn children who suffer incurable diseases & mental retardation. This goes for the farmers growing GM cotton .. The pesticides contribute heavily to their toxic hell .

The carbon footprint for rapid garment industrialization is beyond Grand Canyon sized.. Not to mention that the cheap toxic materials are not made to last, rather.. The disposable temporary “Fast Fashion” trends are destined for a landfill near you ( unless your rich* ) they are non biodegradable & because of the poor quality, they cannot be reused. Recycled polyester is not good for us either .

 For these reasons.. Wearing “Clean Clothes” is a very powerful fashion statement.. This “Fashion consciousness” will liberate & empower the most vulnerable ..  When purchasing new clothes .. go for designers who use natural-sustainable-reusable materials from fair trade factories that treat their employees respectfully & pay a living wage.
Can’t afford to invest in “Clean Clothes”.. Shop at thrift shops & second hand stores.. Adapt & reinvent recycled fashions…
Vanity & Greed has lead to mass suffering, that suffering has come full circle & felt by all, now that we have severe global warming to contend with .. the suffering starts with the most vulnerable.. those desperate to support their families in poverty stricken 3rd world nations .. Not just women & children.. but plants, insects & animals are biting the dust as well, as our air & water is being poisoned purely for profit.
See : “The True Cost”
More informed detailed info from Eco-Watch :
Live in Los Angeles ? Check out Fair Trade LA !
… Support ethical fashion designers like these :
Indigo Handloom Oakland CA :
Wildlife Works Clothing in Kenya .. Profits go directly towards economic opportunities keep people from having to poach endangered animals to survive ..
Sustainable Pineapple plant leather fashion by Ananas-anam :
A list of Fair Trade fashion companies :




Be “Heroine/Hero Chic” Take greed out of the equation by supporting only fair trade companies .. Vote with your money, style & sex appeal . Be choosy.. pay a little bit more .. Lead by example & encourage others to take a hard look at the true cost of our insatiable consumerism .. Let’s raise our standards & in turn raise the safety standards & quality of life for the people who provide our clothing.